This production required over four different submittals in order to qualify for the MediaBox fund supporting local film makers working with disadvantaged young people in Britain. The application process was arduous and required the producer to audition and work with over 70 young people in the Borough of Christchurch which has one of the worst areas of economic and social depravation in Dorset. With an outline of what was to be achieved, the producer led the group through the whole film production process, from script to casting to costume to acting to post-production and distribution. The films was shot in segments with excerpts posted onto a website that attracted further comment from the group and their peers. The final production was screened at the Regent Cinema in Christchurch High Street and released on DVD and held on a dedicated website for a number of years. At 45’ in length, the film is the longest ever made on the scheme and showed what could be accomplished on a modest budget using both a professional crew and a group of dedicated young people willing to get up at 6:00 am on a Saturday morning in order to arrive on the set by 7:00 am.