The producers were seeking to create a film that could be easily displayed on a full range of devices; tv, computer, laptop, iPad, tablets, iPhone, iPod, smart phones.

We took our cue from the Apple approach to design and shot against a clear, white background in full crisp HD using an infinity background. This meant there were no reference points and the model was precisely framed and easily viewed on any display screen, no matter how small.

3mins RevitalisingYoga from David Gilliam on Vimeo.

The DVD is broken up into three different lengths of routines that enable the user to practice anytime and anywhere. The routines were designed in such a way so that they can be easily followed without watching the screen, with plenty of time to move in and out of each posture. This means you can put your smart phone down by your side and practice, using the high-quality soundtrack as your guide.

To date, the DVD has been selected as one of the top Yoga DVD's on and has supported two workshops where customers practiced to the DVD displayed on a large screen in a room to great success. Both novice and experienced Yoga practitioners benefited from the workshops and proved the capability of a DVD to teach Yoga.

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