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Incorporated in the year 2000 with private equity investment, the company immediately focused on developing feature film and television pilot scripts for production from the writer and creator David Gilliam.

The first feature script was completed in 2002, entitled "The Magic of My Father". The story of a Spanish immigrant magician and his family in the US during the 1950's, the script explores the relationship between illusion and truth against the background of the communist witchhunt and the emergence of the evangelical right.

As the final work for an MA in Screenwriting from Bournemouth University, David submitted a major epic mini-series bible entitled Omai that portrayed the magnificent story of this 18th Century native who boldly stepped onboard Captain Cooks sister ship and sailed to England, becoming a society darling and the lover of the Duchess of Devonshire. Working with another storyline developed during the degree study, David completed another feature film script entitled Voodoo Child. A powerful story set in Haiti during the 70's civil war, it revolves around the struggles of a French-Canadian commando in love with a woman whose values he hates as he attempts to extract her from her missionary duties looking after a tribe of helpless children hidden high in the island mountains.

In 2008, the company won a MediaBox award to produce a 40' feature film in partnership with the Christchurch Regent Centre featuring stories written and performed by the young people of Christchurch. Dreamwalkers screened at the Regent Cinema on May 5, 2009, launched on YouTube and streamed onto a dedicated website.

In the same year, the script for The Mighty Len , a story about a gentle giant who wins the lottery, won a production award through the TAPS Writers Scheme and was produced on the stages of Emmerdale at Yorkshire Television Studios.

Following that, the company raised private investment to create and produce two innovative digital productions for the health and wellbeing market.

Office Yoga 3D and Revitalising Yoga have both been launched as digital products into the market. Office Yoga 3D has a derivative Apple App currently on release entitled Travel Yoga 3D while the full range of animated clips are being developed into a comprehensive desktop self-help application. Revitalising Yoga is currently selling through as a DVD and forms part of a series of workshops being offered through the sister company of the producer Christchurch Yoga.

In 2011, David was commissioned to produce a film for a group of physicians that would illustrate the capability of an interactive website to support breast cancer survivors progress towards a healthy and positive return to wellbeing. represents a step-forward in web-based support applications because of the quality and complexity of the material available. The online informercial illustrates clearly the concepts and approach of the group and gives an inspirational taste of what can be achieved with focused, directed training modules.